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Turn Towards The Fun

By February 22, 2016July 9th, 2018Blog, Health, Joy of Being


Like a sunflower bends to face the sun, we too can bend to face that which gives us life.

That would be our natural tendency if our naturalness wasn’t trained out of us.

But all too often we turn our backs on the very things that feed and nourish.

We’ve lost touch with our natural way of being in the world.

We’ve become too civilized and proper.

We sit too much.

We sleep too little.

We live to eat instead of eating to live.

We need to turn towards those things that bring us alive. We need to:

Play games that enliven and make our skin tingle.

Eat foods that nourish, renew, and still take us to heaven.

Sleep and dream as the dreamers we are.

Listen before speaking so our hearts may be heard.

Abandon the “Shoulds” and embrace the “Musts.”

Feel the wind dance in our hair.

Make music, sing and dance together and often.

Give voice to all that is beautiful.

Protect the raw and wild places in and about us.

And make a ruckus. Please!

Turn towards your fun my friends. It’s natural.

And as you do, you will feel more alive.

And like a child is filled with wonder and curiosity, so too will you be.

Point to Ponder:

What do you need to turn to more often?