Private Coaching

In addition to helping people restore their health and vitality, I find great joy in seeing my clients come fully alive to the truth of who they are. Through dialog we dissolve illusions and reveal their deepest truths.

Many clients partner with me as their coach because they know that there is more for them to do, express and create. Others work with me because they are faced with a challenge or obstacle they haven’t been able to overcome, yet. All desire to have greater impact and peace of mind. They are ready for their next level of success, and understand the power of a having a transformative coach who sees their brilliance and champions their highest capacity. 

Over the past 28 years I’ve coached CEOs, millionaires, celebrities, artists, writers, architects, athletes, professionals, business owners and many others.

How I coach:

I ask a few questions. You talk. I listen deeply.

Together we explore. Insights occur and magic happens.

You connect with something brilliant and wise inside yourself that has always been present. You come more fully alive and take powerful actions that shape your world.

Your life changes in ways that you never dreamed.

As a client:

  • You have an inspiring mission, or are ready to create one.
  • You perceive a challenge or obstacle.
  • You want to make a greater impact.
  • You understand the value of commitment.
  • You like to play and have a sense of humor.
  • You have spiritual depth.

I work privately with clients from the U.S. and abroad at my office in Greenwich Cos Cob, Connecticut, as well as by phone and video conferencing. Coaching for some clients involves custom adventures and intensives.

Coaching Agreements

The foundation of our work together is the agreements we make together. 

I do not work for money.

I am paid for access to my fully committed presence, knowledge, experience, and the deep and profound change that emerges from our engagement. 

You will make a substantial investment in yourself. 

Your investment is non-refundable.

Once you’ve made this investment in yourself you will have initiated a one-way transformation trip of the highest order.

I am with you 100%.

The value of our work together is priceless. 

Your Investment

My coaching clients invest between $1500 and $65,000 to work with me as outlined in the programs below.

Typically, I work with clients from a minimum of six months and up to three or more years. All prospective clients participate in an initial interview. Once they agree to embark on a coaching experience, they make full payment prior to their first coaching session.

I rarely work with clients who have not been referred to me, or who I have not personally invited into my coaching practice. However, if you feel drawn to explore working together, and you are ready to create miracles in your life, please reach out to me by clicking here.

Private Coaching Agreements

Clients work with me by making a commitment to one or more of the following programs. 


72 Hours (THREE  2 hours sessions per month, x 1 year) – $65,000
48 Hours (TWO 2 hour sessions per month, x 1 year) – $43,000


36 Hours (THREE  2 hours sessions per month, x 6 months) – $36,000
24 Hours (TWO  2 hours sessions per month, x 6 months) – $27,000

All our sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, at 11am or 2pm Eastern Time (GMT-5 ), Monday-Thursday and when space is available. Conducted at my Greenwich Cos Cob, Connecticut office, or via secure videoconference.

While sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, I coach around insight and not time. We may spend more or less actual clock time.


6 Hours (One Full Day, 1 hour lunch included) – $5,500
There comes a time in one’s life when we find ourselves at a crossroads. We can continue with life as usual, or heed the call for change, make new choices, discover new possibilities, and embark on a new adventure. The choice we make at this juncture determines the quality and richness of our lives. Health, happiness and prosperity are available for those who are willing to separate from the crowd, and forge a new path on the road less travelled. The Turning Point session is an initiation of the effortless emergence of the life you truly desire. 


2 Hours – $1,500
In this dialog we take you directly into your self, and also into what you are not, but think you are, so that you begin to understand yourself as you truly are. Profound moments of clarity, freedom and insight often occur that forever change those who come in for a taste of this work. 

If you feel drawn to explore working together, please reach out to me by clicking here and completing the short form. Either I or my assistant will reply to schedule some time together and see how I may be of service to you.