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Two Approaches to Health

By Vitality Secrets Newsletter

Vitality Secrets: November 8, 2012

Greetings Friends,

I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. And for
those in the Northeast, I hope you are warm and with your power
fully restored.

As I watched the news about hurricane Sandy last week, I was
struck by the conversations of some of our politicians. Some were
problem focused, while others were looking long term to creating
sustainable solutions in the (likely) event of more storms and
surges here in the Northeast.

The same goes for our health. We can look at it two ways, and in
doing so get two completely different results.

Let me explain:

Two Approaches to Health

When a new patient comes to my office, the first thing they
usually express is their desire to eliminate some pain, symptom
or disease. They want to get rid of the headaches, fatigue,
digestive problems, excess fat, insomnia, or any number of other

That’s normal and natural. You are experiencing something we
don’t want, and you want to get rid of it. So the question
becomes “how to I get rid of this thing?”

From there you search for a solution to the problem, the right
medicine or therapy to make the problem go away.

I call this the Problem Solving Approach to Health. And it’s the
usual approach by most doctors and patients today. However, with
this approach, often one problem is solved and then another pops

There is a better way. One that not only eliminates the problem
at the roots, but also helps us get what we really want – optimal
health, vitality, well-being. I call this the Creative Approach
to Health.

With this approach we become active participants in creating the
results we want. We get a clear picture of our current state of
health, envision our ideal energy level, body composition,
emotional state, activity level, and then take steps to create
that result.

I believe it’s much more powerful to focus on creating something
we want (optimal health, energy, vitality, vibrance), than to
focus on getting rid of something we don’t want. Both have
merits, but it’s only the creative approach to health that will
give us what we really want in the end.

Two Approaches, One Choice

The Problem Solving Approach to Health leaves you with the
absence of something (e.g. No Pain).

The Creative Approach to Health provides you with the presence of
something. (e.g. Feeling Great! Total Vitality!)

So I ask you…

What do you really want?

Be well,

Dr. Mendribil