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Carpe Diem – Make your lives extraordinary!

By Creativity, Joy of Being

Carpe Diem – Make your lives extraordinary!

Do it now.

Whatever it is that is calling you from the depths of your soul, do it now.

When inner promptings stir in your quiet moments, give them your full attention. They may be calling you to something extraordinary.

Get up from your chair and…

Do IT now.

We all need reminders to live fully from time to time. Seeing Robin Williams deliver these famous lines in “The Dead Poets Society” is one of my favorites.

Carpe Diem!

Heartburn Causes and Rx Treatment Exposed

By Health

Heartburn (GERD and acid reflux) is caused by a number of factors. Too much stomach acid is not one of them. Yet most medical doctors prescribe antacids, proton pump inhibitors (Nexium, Prilosec) and the like to reduce stomach acid. While these may reduce the symptom (burning), they do not treat the underlying cause and actually contribute to other health problems (nutrient deficiencies, osteoporosis, cancer). Watch this informative video by Thomas Ballard, RN, ND to learn more.

If you’re suffering from heartburn, gerd or acid reflux, it may be for any of the following reasons:

1. Abnormal bacteria (Helicobacter Pylori and/or yeast (Candida).
2. Poor digestion (Hydrochloric acid and/or digestive enzyme deficiency).
3. Hiatal Hernia (which can be fixed with an adjustment).
4. Weak lower esophageal sphincter.
5. Poor diet and lifestyle choices.

A naturopathic physician or functional medicine practitioner can help you determine which of these may be the cause. Once identified there are natural nutrient and herbal remedies that can help fix the problem and restore proper — and pain free — digestion.

Don’t be fooled by the drug pushers, or any of their fancy ads on television. You do not have too much stomach acid and taking those medications will worsen your health over time.

To your health!

Wise Career Advice from Alan Watts

By Health

Find what you love to do, and just do it! Do it every day, as much as you can. Eventually you’ll become a master of it and people will seek you out. They will be attracted to you by the love and light that emanates from you when you do your thing! So do it. Do not delay. Begin or continue today.

Here it is in the words of philosopher Alan Watts who helped bring Eastern philosophy to the West. Enjoy!

Vitality Secrets Newsletter New Look

By Health

I’m excited to introduce a very nice upgrade to the Vitality Secrets newsletter. The newsletter will now be delivered weekly and contain valuable and up to date information on natural health and wellness. The information in this newsletter will help you, your family and friends live healthier and happier lives.

Please check it out if you’re not already subscribed. And be sure to recommend it to your family and friends. Just one piece of information from one of these newsletters could change a life for the better.

All the articles and information have been researched and reviewed by a panel of natural health experts. I will make comments on most articles and suggest additional ways to implement the ideas.

Be well!