Michael Martin Mendribil

Born 1962

I’ve always been an avid explorer, adventurer and curious student. I’ve been researching, practicing and teaching healing, self-actualization and life transformation for more than 25 years. Drawing on my early experiences as a meditation student and in-depth studies of naturopathic and functional medicine, Eastern philosophy and transpersonal psychology, I help others heal themselves, and access more of their innate wisdom, well-being and creative power so they may experience positive change in their lives, businesses and the world at large.

Roles and Activities:
Naturopathic Physician, Coach, Teacher, Spiritual Pointer, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Music Lover,Jazz Pianist, Improv Singer, Film Producer,  Screenwriter, Creativity and Flow Junkie, Rock Climber, Hiker, Mountain Biker, Swim Official, Voracious Reader, Brother, Son, Father, Lover and Friend.

B.A. Psychology form University of California, Davis 1985
N.D. Bastyr University 1990

Naturopathic Physician – 1990 to present
Professional Coach and Trainer – 1994 to present

“Our health and vitality are deeply rooted not only in the harmonious and proper function of all our bodily systems, but also in the full expression of our soul or spirit.”